Success Stories

  • Knowledge for a better facilitation #95

    On the first day of the DOIT project workshop, we got the impression that the kids had a hard time knowing what was going to happen during the day, which made them a little unsettle and unfocused.

  • The very first ever maker-workshop! #94

    Kimmie - A new facilitator has participated in her first-ever maker-workshop during the DOIT project.

    In the process of getting the robots to work, we were fascinated by how fast the kids found a solution and how fast they got the technique behind the robots.

  • Smart garden #93

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    Luka (15) is not the ideal plant keeper and so he wanted to change that. Besides, it is very convenient for people in the cities to grow their own vegetable gardens in their apartments or balconies.

  • 'Pocket Forest' #92

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    Pocket Forest is a device for the detection of polluted air. The project started with a DOIT pilot in Slovenia, which included 10 workshops on wearable technology with a focus on data collection and social innovation.

  • Electric Sk8board #91

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    Electric mobility does not only include electric cars, but also electric motorcycles, bicycles, and other devices for personal use.

  • "Kids Inventors 2.0" #89

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    Often inventions have their origin in kids turning their frustrations, mistakes and strokes of luck and brilliance into prototypes that would make their live easer.

  • "Connecting outdoor hobbies and technology with Lego Mindstorms" #88

    During a workshop in a youth institution we worked with 8 teenagers for a 3 hour workshop. We were warned beforehand by the supervisors to pay attention to our stuff and that the teenagers could be troublesome. However, it was clear from the start that the Mindstorms were very popular with teenagers.

  • "Building a city with Ozobots" #87

    Building a city from scratch? With the world's smallest programmable robot? And 13 children between the ages of 5 and 10? Are we crazy to even consider this?

  • "DoIT secondary school" #86

    The DoIT workshops at the secondary school were centered around the theme of cycling. The students were asked to think about their bikes and how they would like to improve them in whatever way was important to them, be it safety, aesthetics, …