Category I (6-10 years old)

Turtle Winter Sleep Controller

Nickname: The Turtle girls 

Age: 9 years

Turtles hold their hibernation by exactly 7 degree Celsius. It is very important to keep this temperature since they either might wake up if it is too warm or might die because of too cold temperatures. Often turtle owners are not sure if the temperature is correct and need to check a lot the turtle's temperature and that is really inconvenient.

 Our prototype, the turtle winter sleep controller, measures the exact degrees and gives alarm in case the temperature is too hot or too cold. Thus the tool can be used as a turtle winter sleep alarm.

We used a Calliope that can measure the temperature. We programmed it in the way that if it gets too cold, the Calliope would write on the display if it is too hot, too cold, or if the temperature is o.k. (3 steps). The Calliope is fixed in the box where the turtle sleeps. Also, we decided to make a display warning, not any sound, so it is not distracting for the turtle.

Turtle controller


Hydroelectric power station alarm system

Nickname: The Water Watchers

Age: 9 years

A dam needs to have a certain high of water in order to work properly. Our system would alarm the responsible persons if water gets too high (which could flood or damage the dam), thus the person could open the water gates in time.

Austria has many small and medium hydroelectric power stations. To build them is very expensive, thus damages by high water is much feared. If high water or flooding is damaging the turbines this is a highly economical loss.

Our system includes a Calliope that measures the water level of the river with an attached water sensor. The water sensor is measuring the level of water in the river. When the water is getting too high, the Calliope would give an alarm: it would start blinking and could send out an alarm tone. Being alarmed the responsible person would open the gates, thus the water would not damage the turbines.


Greenkeeper alarm

Nickname: Football girls 

Age:  9 years

Many kids use the football field also in their spare time and go play football. However, the green of the football field is sensitive especially to water: if the ground is too wet, the kids would ruin the green of the football field. Thus, usually, the kids have to ask the responsible adult who takes care that the grass grows well if they are allowed to play. 

The idea is to have a tool that would show the kids if they can play on the football field or if they rather need to find another place. In that way the kids would not ruin the green if they play on wet ground, nor do they not need to bother the green keeper by asking.

We used a Calliope and attached a water sensor to it. The sensor measures how wet the grass is. In case it is too wet, the LED on the Calliope would light up red, so kids would know that they can't play on the football field. In case the grass is not too wet, the LED would turn the color into green, thus kids could go right away playing without bothering to ask the responsible person.

 Green keper

Drinking water observer for rabbits (animals)

Nickname: The 3 rabbits

Age: 9 years

It is very important that rabbits get sufficient water. Our idea was that as soon as there is few water, an alarm system would tell the owner that he/she has to refill the water. Thus no animal needs to suffer and the owner does not look twice a day for the watering.  

We attached a water sensor to a Calliope that measures the level of water. As soon as the water level gets low, the display shows a sad face, so that the owner would know that the water needs to get refilled. If there is enough water in the drinking bottle of the rabbit, then there is a smiley face.

Ideally the water would get refilled automatically, so the owner is always sure that there is enough water for the rabbits.

Drinking water observer


Toilet water alarm

Nickname: MaCha 

Age: 9 years

Sometimes if one uses the toilet, the water keeps running since the plug does not work correctly. Often it is not noticed since the water tank gets refilled for some time. If the plug does not work correctly, the water keeps running via the toilet and the water tank is refilled constantly. This is a huge waste of clean water.  

We would need to build a water tank and attached a Calliope to it with a water sensor attached. The Calliope should be programmed in the way that as soon as the sensor did not detect any water after 50 seconds, the Calliope would give a noise alarm because obviously the tank does not get filled because the plug did not work properly (water goes through and not filled in the tank).

In the picture, one can see that we have tested it with water green/red light. Toilet Water Alarm

The school's new healthy granola bar

Nickname: DOIT team at Volksschule der Franziskannerinnen

Age group: 6–10 years

The children decided to develop something healthy for their school life and developed a granola bar - step by step. Therefore, they developed and decided about the content, flavor, name, logo, 3D printed cookiecaster, packaging, developed poster, a booth as well as a marketing video.

All developed materials are available under CC-BY and it was planned to produce and sell the cereal bar at the school's next summer festival.

The new cereal bar is not only healthy but a real "own" product, where the kids are proud.

Link to the video

Granola bar


The school's safe stage

Nickname:  DOIT team at Volksschule der Franziskannerinnen

Age group: 6–10 years

The children decided to work on the topic of accident prevention when we introduced the general topic of "health and fitness" - which was a little surprise for the adults. As "social detectives" the kids started their work with going through the whole school, showing, discussing and photographing places where they already had accidents. Surprisingly, the stage - only less than 1 meter high - was seen as a tricky place. In group work, the kids built a prototype of a stage, where it easy to feel (because the floor is marked with a special carpet) and see (because of some small  LEDs, that the end of the stage is near.

Link to the video

Safe Stage

The flooded house

Nickname: The flooded house group

Age: 9 years

Very strong rain is flooding sometimes houses or cellars, or a window stayed open and rain enters the house.

We were thinking of a prototype that would detect water as soon as it gets wet and alarms the owners of the house.

We would attach a water sensor to a Calliope and program it in the way that as soon as there is water entering the house (ie. via the window) the Calliope would give an alarm and show a sad face. 

It would be great if the window would also close automatically, so that the owner of the house could do not need to be at home, but can rely on the system.

Flooded house


Category II (11-16 years old)

Recycle it

Nickname: Lorenzo4520

Age: 15

The goal of this app is to monitor household garbage and reduce it as much as possible.

This will be possible thanks to sensors in the garbage containers that detect mass and volume to determine how much garbage there is, which is most produced (organic, paper, glass, aluminum) and the moments of the day when we throw it. With this data, the app proposes methods to reduce garbage through recommended websites or videos. This objective will be brought about through recycling tournaments in which the various families will have to recycle as much as possible and buy fewer objects that produce garbage. At the end of the week, there will be a ranking in which the top ten will receive discounts on purchases for ecological items or goods to make DIY tools. The sensors also allow garbage labeling so that, if thrown into public baskets, it is recognized and marked in cases where a neighborhood tournament is set up there.

Recycle it

Track your Mind

Nickname: Team Wearables

Age: 13/14 years

Students at Spark Penketh at Penketh High School would like better mental health tracking for young people, 70% of children and young people who experience a mental health problem have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age. Our pupils also recognize that social media and always-on access to mobile phones is making this often worse although social media can connect people from all over the world to provide a strong sense of community, rates of anxiety and depression in young people have increased by 70% over the last 25 years. Penketh would like to see an offline version of health tracking protecting data from being used by private companies and giving young people the option to monitor mental health and wellbeing without being online.

Track your mind

Water Filter

Nickname: WaterTap

Age: 13 years

The problem presented is the taste of tap water that is available in the educational center.

As a solution, we have created an active carbon filter that would be installed in the school taps. The process of creating the prototype the filter has followed these three stages: design, 3D printing, and verification. At the same time, a micro: bit plate has been programmed to detect the water quality, and verify that the filter is having the right results.

Water filter



Acoustic pollution in the school

Nickname: Noise

Age: 13 years

The problem with which we find ourselves in this course is the increase in noise from the increase in bus traffic due to the creation of a bus stop in front of the building and add the other direction of traffic to the street.

As a solution, we propose to work on the awareness and visualization of noise levels both outside and inside the building. For this, we have followed these phases:

1. Collection of empirical data of the problem through a sensor installed on the outside of the wall of the class.

2. Creation of a board to visually sensitize the existing noise level. This has been done using a micro bit plate and some LEDs.

3. Awareness: communication of the results publicly to the town hall and local press (written press and television)

4. We do not know for sure if our initiative had its impact on the decision to introduce new hybrid vehicles in one of the six lines that circulate in front of the school, but it is true that the noise level has decreased ostensibly.

Acoustic 1

Acoustic 2

The heat in the classrooms 

Nickname: Hot

Age: 13 years

The problem we dealt with in this work was the feeling of warmth that we have in the classroom when the school year begins in the first months, especially September and October.

For them we follow these three phases:

1. Collection of the data that show these temperatures. Sensors were installed inside three classrooms to collect the temperature of the same 24 hours.

2. Prototype creation of an individual fan. The design of the box was made, it was programmed with a micro bit plate and later with a laser cutter the box was built.

3. Its operation was verified.

The Heat


Nickname: Birds

Age: 13

The courtyard of the secondary school is located on the roof of the building. This space is wrapped by a net so that the balls do not fall to the street. The thickness of this network allows pigeons and swallows to enter through the network but often has difficulty leaving.

To solve this problem, we designed a mechanical "scarecrow" with a "CD" that would run along the perimeter of the patio and thus help the birds.


The circulation of pedestrians

Nickname: People

Age: 13

In the minutes prior to the time of accessing the school, students wait on the sidewalk, blocking the passage of passers-by on the same sidewalk.

After studying different proposals we proposed to mark a space where students could not "park" as vehicles do in a crossroads. For this, these phases were followed:

1. Study the number of people who occupy the sidewalk at critical moments and define what these moments are.

2. A prototype of the design of the area to be limited for pedestrian traffic.

3. Start-up and awareness of the students.

Previously we tried to get in touch with mobility managers of the city council without success. It was later when we created the prototype when they got in touch with us, interested in the project.


The circulation of pedestrians



Support to Move

Nickname: Team Arthritis

Age: 11-16

Students at Spark Penketh at Penketh High School would like to improve arthritis and mobility care for the 54 million that are diagnosed across the world. In fact, 300,000 babies and children have arthritis or a rheumatic condition. This means that Joint support for them must be flexible and able to grow with them. To solve this we have would like to work on a flexible support system made from resin and 3d printing combined to offer support and  flexible for hands and knees.


Support to move



Solving elastic and plastic

Nickname: Team Plastic

Age: 13-14 years

Students at Spark Penketh at Penketh High School would like to support wildlife and marina life by designing quicker degrading or better solutions for plastic and elastic waste. In 2014, an estimated 15 to 51 trillion microplastic particles were floating in the world’s oceans, weighing between 93,000 and 236,000 tonnes. Whilst the regulations have been made to make photodegradable rings to break down this can take up to three to four months. Spark is committed to designing a more easily breakable design from materials that will degrade quickly and not leave animals vulnerable to injuries.

Elastics and plastics

Massage Belt

Nickname: Yeet

Age: 10-12 years

Research shows that excessive sitting is bad for your health. Seated positions put stress on your back muscles and spine. The human body is not designed to be in a seated position for long periods of time. Also with elderly people, it becomes a problem since they are not so agile.

Therefore we have developed the Massage belt that has little vibras integrated into the fabric. Whenever a person feels lower back pain he/she can turn it on and get massaged by it. The next step will also be a wearable (attached to the upper part of the belt, backside) with sensors that will be able to sense a bad posture. In case of bad posture, it will produce a sound until the body is in the optimal position again. The technology used is e-textiles/wearables. We have worked with conductive materials, sensors and data collecting along the process.

Massage Belt

Solar Backpack

Nickname: Active Hackers

Age: 11-14 years

The solar backpack was made for harvesting solar power wherever you go, you can be at home with the backpack sitting on your shelf or out on the go. We wanted to use it as a power take-off to charge all our mobile devices on the go. That was achieved by connecting ten small solar cells in parallel and passing the current through a diode and resistor set up to charge a 3,7 Volt lithium battery. The output of the battery was then passed through a BUCK/BOOST and 5 VOLT regulator board an then into a USB jack to charge any of our mobile appliances. The concept works and it charges a phone, but because of really poor efficiency of the solar panel which is only about 0,4 Watts of power on an average sunny day, the battery and thus the devices charge very slowly. A more efficient solar panel would increase the total power output which would also increase the charging speed of the device.

Solar backpack

Sensitive Jacket

Nickname: Breathtaking Team

Age: 10-13

We have tackled the problem of overpoluted areas. We found that a lot of people are living in extremely unhealthy conditions and we hoped to create a simple, yet innovative and most of all practical solution.

We have first outlined what we wanted the machine to do in the first place. So we decided to go with a toxic gas detection system and an alarm system that were linked. Than we added the gas mask to keep you safe from the toxic gasses. We still need to finish and also include design part.

Sensitive Jacket

Get to know us / Introduce us

Nickname: Isat, Andrijana, Leona, Josip

Age: 16 years old

Box or space to make possible to Introduce people who are different from the majority. Project is inspired by ethnic diversity but can be applied to all differences in society.

Get to know

Sustainable building

Nickname: Matea, Elena

Age: 13 years old

Project tackle with solar panels and windmill serve to produce electricity locally on a building. We had also some ideas to do rainwater collectors.

Sustainable building

Wind car

Nickname: Luka, Martin, Veronika, Simona

Age: 12-14 years old

This project is about to explore how to run a car on wind. Prototype simulate car/vehicle powered by wind to make a movement.

Wind car

Playground from trash

Nickname: Mio, Marijana, Dorian, Lovro

Age: 11-13 years old

Playground is using waste to raise awareness of waste as a resource, we made people, football field, seesaw. Some of these items are made of electronic parts like lights and for example this carousel.


Children Politics

Nickname: Laura, Gabriela

Age: 11-12 years old

This project is about how to express children interest and how children can participate in the decision-making process in society. Prototype show kids parliament where adults and politician can listen to kids.

Children Politics

Environmental game board

Nickname: Petra, Nikolina, Antonela, Maša

Age: 11-12 years old

The Environmental board game is developed to raise awareness about the environment, and responsible use of resources. Game is connecting various environmental aspects.

Environmental game board

Reflective (interactive) badge

Nickname: Veronika, Ivan, Lana, Valentina

Age: 11-12 years old

This project is about how easy and fun make children recognizable in traffic, especially in rural areas where street lights and walkway are missing. Badge response to sensors and have visual and sound.


Responsible door switch

Nickname: Martin, Nikola, Ivan, Matija

Age: 11-12 years old

Project is tackle with responsible resource management. Here is a focus on electricity, and how simple we can take care of energy-saving with light switch and room usage sensor combination inform us if we left a light in the room.


Pedestrian crossing

Nickname: Patrik, David, Josip, Antun

Age: 11-13 years old

Project is about temporary pedestrian crossing. Even it is planned as a mobile one, finally, it is for situations where heavy traffic is mixed with a temporary pedestrian crossing. To avoid permanent crossing, the project proposes temporary which is projected to steer when is necessary.


Ecological ship

Nickname: Marina, Lea, Leonarda, Marija

Age: 11-12 years old

Project is tackle with plastic in seas and oceans. Eco boat is planned to collect plastic with robotic hands.


Levitating Car

Nickname: Matija, Marko, Tomislav, Nikola

Age: 11 years old

Project is tackled transportation problem, and how to use less energy. Group proposed cars and streets where cars are levitating and moving using a magnetic field.

Levitating car

Onspot plastic recycling

Nickname: Sofija, Isat, Andrijana

Age: 15-16 years old

This project is about raising awareness about resources and plastic in specific. Users collecting plastic and on spot recycle and produce objects by this device.




Nickname: Jelena, Natali, Ivan, Nikola

Age: 14-16 years old

This project is tackling with sea and ocean pollution and proposed a series of animal looking robots with the purpose of cleaning the sea/oceans, but also monitor & measure situations.

Animal ibot

Happy booths

Nickname: Marija, Alan, Antonio

Age: 16 years old

The project is dealing with the problem when useful food is thrown to the trash instead used for those who are not able to buy. The proposal is to have Happy booths around the city where people can bring food (but also other resources), and where those who need it can get to make them happy.


From the city to the health

Nickname: Magdalena, Lana, Valentina

Age: 11 years old

The project tackled with food quality in cities, and where and how to grow food in urban gardening.


Power by bike

Nickname: “Račo”, “Nitrica”, “Roki”, “Jopa”

Age: 11 years old

The project proposed a stationary bike for harvesting power from people.



Forest guardian

Nickname: Leonarda, Marija, Lea

Age: 11-13 years old

Project is dealing with deforestation problem caused by people. Project is bird looking robot, with sensors and cameras with intention to protect forest from people deforesting, fire, pollution etc.



Nickname: Teo, Ivan, David Mihael, Andrej

Age: 11-13 years old

This project is about alternative energy harvesting from during storm by using high tower for protection from lightning strike, but also collecting high voltage energy from lighting and bring them to underground capacitors from urban usage.



Stop mosquitoes

Nickname: Dorijan, Luka, Veronika, Karlo

Age: 11 years old

The project is dealing with health issues related to mosquitoes. The project proposed opposed to other solutions, perforated sticky tape above ultraviolet light, which can be easily found all around the world. A variant was to drag mosquitoes with a turbine to cage with a bird, so the bird can eat them.




Nickname: Laura, Lucija, Marijana, Gabriela

Age: 11-13 years old

The project is about in classroom robot for collecting different resources, metal, paper and plastic waste. It is educational because if wrong material is put in the wrong opening, it will light red, if correct green.