DOIT Challenge goes to the next level

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During the project, we asked young innovators to submit their project ideas they developed during their pilot workshops to the DOIT challenge. They had the opportunity to win a mentorship from some of our dedicated DOIT advocates to continue the work on their ideas, get professional feedback and work further on scaling up their social innovation projects.

The winner ideas from category II (age group 11 to 16) were both projects from our partner Kersnikova in Slovenia:

the pocket forestThe pocket forest, designed by the  "Breathtaking Team" detects how polluted the air around you is.
massage belt"Yeet" developed a massage belt, which supports people with lower back pain.

From February until end of May, John di Stefano (The Entrepreneurship Academy) supported the team "Yeet", whereas Rozina Spinnoy (Analogue To Digital) worked from February until the end of June with the "Breathtaking Team" on their idea "The Pocket Forest". 

The Breathtaking Team, consisting of one girl an two boys from Slovenia, described their idea and prototype as follows:

We have tackled the problem of overpoluted areas. We found that a lot of people are living in extremely unhealthy conditions and we hoped to create a simple, yet innovative and most of all practical solution.

We have first outlined what we wanted the machine to do in the first place. So we decided to go with a toxic gas detection system and an alarm system that were linked. Than we added the gas mask to keep you safe from the toxic gasses. We still need to finish and also include design part.

For the mentoring phase with Rozina Spinnoy, the team agreed upon the further development of the project from descriptive texts and branding to visual design and marketing for their idea. In weekly video calls, the young innovators learned design thinking skills and dived deeper in the understanding of collaborative work in a team. What aspects are important when promoting the idea? And how can the device be presented to the target group? Together with their mentor, the team designed various important elements for further marketing, for example a leaflet and a brochure.

This collaboration was not only a great experience for the young innovators, but also showed them how easy it is to find support and how to get more out of a first idea and prototype. They learned how to collaborate in a team, what to take into consideration within marketing and branding and how to scale up their idea.The team is eager to continue the work on their Pocket Forest and also to get feedback from users in a future piloting phase. A great success story from DOIT!

Read more about the story and the experiences from Rozina Spinnoy on her Analogue to Digital blog.