publication for GMW conference

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For the German conference GMW 2019 the team from Salzburg Research together with Clarissa Braun and Martin Ebner (both TU Graz) were able to successfully submit a contribution to makerspaces as a new variant of student laboratories.

The summary (translated):

This paper outlines the landscape of student labs and looks at makerspaces as a new variant of them. The article tries to classify makerspace systematically. It is noticeable that interdisciplinarity in particular is becoming increasingly important in makerspaces and that the pedagogical-didactic approach of maker education is more open than in conventional student laboratory concepts. The article also mentions examples of maker spaces as student laboratories.

You can access the publication an the conference proceedings here.


  • Sandra Schön, Luisa Friebel, Clarissa Braun, Martin Ebner und Julia Eder (2019). Makerspaces zur Wissenschaftsvermittlung und Innovationsraum der neuen Generation. In: Jörg Hafer, Martina Mauch & Marlen Schumann (Hrsg.), Teilhabe in der digitalen Bildungswelt, GMW Proceedings 2019, Medien in der Wissenschaft,  Band 75,  Münster: Waxmann, S. 187-197, URL: