Online Pilot - FAQ

On this page you can find all the information about the online pilot you need. And if you do not find it - write us :) 

Who should I contact if I have questions etc.?

If you have questions, want to share your project or have other ideas to contribute in the online action, contact us via The DOIT team in Salzburg (at Salzburg Research, DOIT coordinator) will get your message and can redirect you to other partners, if necessary. 

How can i participate?

Very easy. You do not need to register! Just visit the Online Pilot Page, there you will find an update each week. There will also be chat sessions each Tuesday (15:30 CET) and Thursday (13:30 CET), where you can chat with other participants.

I want to share my ideas with other. What can I do?

You can share your ideas and prototypes on your social media accounts with the hashtags #DOITEurope #H2020 and #DOITonline. If you use these three, we will hopefully find your contribution and are able to share it on the DOIT platform! You can also share your ideas during the weekly chat sessions - and get feedback from other participants and our experts.

What are the dates of the online pilot?

  • Week one: Monday 25.3.2019, Chat Sessions Tuesday 26.3. (15:30 CET) & Thursday 28.3. (13:30 CET)
  • Week two: Monday 1.4..2019, Chat Sessions Tuesday 2.4. (15:30 CET) & Thursday 4.4. (13:30 CET)
  • Week three:  Monday 8.4.2019, Chat Sessions Tuesday 9.4. (15:30 CET) & Thursday 11.4. (13:30 CET)
  • Week four:  Monday 15.4.2019, Chat Sessions Tuesday 16.4. (15:30 CET) & Tuesday 18.4. (13:30 CET)

How is this course structured?

Every Monday, you will get input to the weekly topic. The additional chat sessions on Tuesday and Thursday are for questions, discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences.

Where can I find the Toolbox?

Each week, we will feature some materials from the DOIT toolbox. It's just a selection, matching the weekly themes. You have access to all materials in the DOIT toolbox.

Why should I participate?

Of course, there are a lot of online courses in the world. But with DOIT, you can work on your own ideas, changing the world. You will become a member of the DOIT community and have the opportunity to submit your project in the DOIT challenge!