DOIT is very fortunate to have the support of various individuals, organisations and initiatives who believe in our work and are contributing themselves to progress and innovation in the areas related to our project. Have a look at the members of the DOIT Network, get inspired and connect!

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DOIT is more than a project. We want to change the way people think about the world, the society and their towns and neighborhoods, and their own place and purpose in it. We want to inspire, change minds, fill hearts, get people making and sharing and things moving. Let’s DOIT together – and you can be part of it.

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Are you a teacher, youth worker, educationalist, maker, facilitator, or someone who works with or for children and young people? Then read on!

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DOIT Hero / SuperHero

DOIT Heroes are relevant organizations/projects and individuals from the fields of entrepreneurial education, social innovation and entrepreneurship, maker movement and maker/STEAM/digital learning, and others across Europe that support our ideas and contribute to them. They want to be Heroes for the children and young people who benefit from their work and for others working with them and being inspired by them. They make the best use of their specific resources, experience, networks and opportunities to promote the shared values and make their own contribution.

Would you like to become our Hero, have your logo/photograph displayed on our website and your work promoted, joining a network of amazing organisations and individuals making a difference? (And could you be so impressive as to get promoted to a DOIT SuperHero later?)

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DOIT Advocate

These are primarily successful professionals, researchers and policy-makers as well as established organisations whose experience and influence make them an important authority in one or more of the themes of our work. Would you like to become one of our Advocates, lend your face and voice to our movement and see how we could contribute to each other's efforts? We would love to hear from you.

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DOIT MEP Ambassador

There are several Members of the European Parliament who are doing great work actively pushing for policies in line with the values of our project and often making their contribution through other roles and own initiatives too. Building close relationships with these allows us, among others, to connect great work happening on the practice level to relevant European policies. We are excited about having MEP Ambassadors supporting projects such as DOIT whose work has the potential to affect policies, research and practices across Europe.



Do you or would you like to facilitate practical activities with children and young people, letting them co-develop social innovations and prototypes within makerspace settings? Facilitators are typically makers, trainers, youth workers or teachers who work with or without digital tools. Of course, children and young people can also be facilitators!

Have a look at the constantly updated DOIT Toolbox to get some inspiration and practical tools for your work. Later in the project. These will give you practical skills, tools, tips, best practices and more, helping you develop your potential and ultimately benefiting children and young people you work with too. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you don't miss the opportunity!


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