A DOer? A DOIT Hero – or SuperHero? Maybe a Facilitator? What about an Advocate?

There is always a place for you in our welcoming DOIT family!


DOIT is more than a project. We don’t want to just do a few fun activities for children and teenagers, and then everything is back to the way it was before. We want to start a revolution. We want to change the way people think about the world, the society and their towns and neighbourhoods, and their own place and purpose in it. We want to inspire, change minds, fill hearts, get people making and sharing and things moving. Let’s DOIT together – and you can be part of it.

Become a DOer!

Are you a…

Child or young person? A teacher, youth worker, educationalist, maker, facilitator or someone who works with or for children and young people? Are you simply somebody who is excited about making the world a better place, one idea at a time?

Then read on!

I want to become a DOer

DOIT Hero / SuperHero

Do you think you could (also) become a DOIT Hero?

Does this sound like you?

We are a group of organisations and individuals who believe in the power of people old and young to change things for the better, and in doing so through collaboration in inspiring settings. We work in areas relevant to the project and have the capacity to promote the DOIT values and act upon them. We want to be Heroes for the children and young people who could benefit from new approaches to education, entrepreneurship and social innovation, and for the other organisations and individuals helping them and inspiring them.

As DOIT Heroes, we:

  • Promote the value of early social entrepreneurship education, intergenerational learning and collaborative digital making, and the value of high-quality tools, open educational resources and intergenerational learning in educating new digital social innovators

  • Contribute to knowledge-sharing and policy-shaping to support refinement and sustainability of the concepts, bridging gaps and increasing reach

  • Make the best use of our specific resources, experience, networks and opportunities to advance the cause and make our own contribution to the creation of digital social innovation culture, new markets and new jobs, higher youth employment and the betterment of society

Would you like to become our Hero and have your logo or photograph displayed on our website and your work promoted, joining a network of amazing organisations and individuals supporting our project and making a difference? And maybe get promoted to a DOIT SuperHero later on, purely thanks to your awesomeness?

I want to become a DOIT Hero


Do you think you have the skills to facilitate practical activities with children and young people? Would you be interested in providing or do you already provide activities inviting children to co-develop social innovations and prototypes within makerspace settings?

Facilitators are typically makers, trainers, youth workers or teachers who work with or without digital tools. Of course, children and young people can also be facilitators!

Later in the project, we will run training in the 10 DOIT practice regions around Europe – Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain – as well as online training (MOOC) for everyone. These will give you practical skills, tools, tips, best practices and more, helping you develop your potential and ultimately benefiting children and young people you work with too.

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DOIT Advocate, DOIT Ambassador

DOIT is very fortunate to have the support of various individuals and organisations who believe in our work. Would you like to become one of our Advocates or Ambassadors and lend your face and voice to our movement? We will start showcasing the people who share our beliefs soon. If you are a senior policy-maker, influencer or professional with interest in the work areas related to our project and might be willing to show publicly your support for our work and ideas or contribute to our efforts in some way, we would be very happy to discuss this with you.

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