DOIT Challenge Winner Ideas

                                                                      Category I (6-11 Years Old)

                                                                    TOILET WATER ALARM 

 Nickname: MaCha

 Age Group: 9 years 

Sometimes if one uses the toilet, the water keeps running since the plug does not work correctly. Often it is not noticed since the water tank gets refilled for some time. If the plug does not work correctly, the water keeps running via the toilet and the water tank is refilled constantly. This is a huge waste of clean water.

We would need to build a water tank and attached a Calliope to it with a water sensor attached. The Calliope should be programmed in the way that as soon as the sensor did not detect any water after 50 seconds, the Calliope would give a noise alarm, because obviously the tank does not get filled because the plug did not work properly (water goes through and not filled in the tank). 

The Toilet Water Alarm, developed by MaCha
Toilet Water Alarm, developed by MaCha



                                                                              GREEN KEEPER ALARM 

Nickname: The Football Girls 

Age Group: 9 years

Many kids use the football field also in there spare time and go play football.However, the green of the football field is sensitive especially to water: if the ground is too wet, the kids would ruin the green of the football field. Thus, usually the kids have to ask the responsible adult who take care that the grass grows well if they are allowed to play.

The idea is to have a tool that would show the kids if they can play on the football field or if they rather need to find another place. In that way the kids would not ruin the green if they play on wet ground, nor do they not need to bother the green keeper by asking. 

We used a Calliope and attached a water sensor to it. The sensor measure show wet the grass is. In case it is too wet, the LED on the Calliope would light up red, so kids would know that they can't play on the football field. In case the grass is not too wet, the LED would turn the colour into green, thus kids could go right away playing without bothering to ask the responsible person.

Green Keeper Alarm, developed by The Football Girls
Green Keeper Alarm, developed by The Football Girls 



                                              HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION ALARM SYSTEM 

Nickname: The Water Watchers 

Age Group: 9 years 

A dam needs to have a certain high of water in order to work properly. Our system would alarm the responsible persons if water gets too high (which could flood or damage the dam), thus the person could open the water gates in time.

Austria has many small and medium hydroelectric power stations. To build them is very expensive, thus damages by high water is very feared. If high water or flooding is damaging the turbines this is a high economical loss.Our system includes a Calliope that measures the water level of the river with an attached water sensor. The water sensor is measuring the level of water in the river.When the water is getting too high, the Calliope would give an alarm: it would start blinking and could send out an alarm tone. Being alarmed, the responsible person would open the gates, thus the water would not damage the turbines.

Hydroelectric Power Station Alarm System, developed by The Water Watchers
Hydroelectric Power Station Alarm System, developed by The Water Watchers



                                                                      Category II (11-16 Years Old)

                                                                             MASSAGE BELT 

Nickname: Yeet

Age Group: 10-12

Research shows that excessive sitting is bad for your health. Seated positions puts stress on your back muscles and spine. The human body is not designed to be in a seated position for long periods of time. Also with elderly people it becomes a problem since they are not so agile. 

Therefore we have developed the Massage belt that has little vibras integrated in the fabric. Whenever a person feels lower back pain he/she can turn it on and get massaged by it. The next step will also be a wearable (attached to the upper part of the belt, back side) with sensors that will be able to sense a bad posture. In case of bad posture it will produce a sound until the body is in the optimal position again. The technology used is e-textiles/wearables. We have worked with conductive materials, sensors and data collecting along the process. 

Massage Belt, developed by Yeet
Massage Belt, developed by Yeet



                                                                                  SENSITIVE JACKET 

Nickname: Breathtaking Team

Age Group: 10-13

We have tackled the problem of over-polluted areas. We found that a lot of people are living in extremely unhealthy conditions and we hoped to create a simple, yet innovative and most of all practical solution. 

We have first outlined what we wanted the machine to do in the first place. So we decided to go with a toxic gas detection system and an alarm system that were linked. Than we added the gas mask to keep you safe from the toxic gasses. We still need to finish and also include design part. 

Sensitive Jacket, developed by the Breathtaking Team
Sensitive Jacket, developed by the Breathtaking Team



                                                                 ACOUSTIC POLLUTION IN THE SCHOOL

Nickname: Noise 

Age Group: 13

The problem with which we find ourselves in this course is the increase in noise from the increase in bus traffic due to the creation of a bus stop in front of the building and add the other direction of traffic to the street.

As a solution, we propose to work on the awareness and visualization of noise levels both outside and inside the building. For this, we have followed these phases: 

  1. Collection of empirical data of the problem through a sensor installed on the outside of the wall of the class. 

  1. Creation of a board to visually sensitize the existing noise level. This has been done using a microbit plate and some LEDs. 

  1. Awareness: communication of the results publicly to the town hall and local press (written press and television)  

  2. We do not know for sure if our initiative had its impact on the decision to introduce new hybrid vehicles in one of the six lines that circulate in front of the school, but it is true that the noise level has decreased ostensibly. 

Acoustic Pollution in the School, developed by Noise
Acoustic Pollution in the School, developed by Noise