“Night Flash” – Success Story #018

Increasing number of pedestrian accidents is a sore problem which every community faces on a daily basis. But what people could do in order to slightly reduce these numbers? Of course, firstly we need to start changing a small detail which helps us to be visible in the dark — and there is no better option than to wear a reflector. But what about more accessories that could glow in the dark? Continue reading ““Night Flash” – Success Story #018”

A Young Inventor – Success Story #013

Children’s creativity is endlessly and every child need to feel free to use their imagination – it is the main driving force to create incredible things!  One boy believes the same – Tautvydas Petruškevičius, who remembers himself as a crazy kid, who was addicted to toy building bricks and was creating constructions bigger than himself.  Later on this childish creativity led to successful solutions, which made Tautvydas to become a social innovator. So if you still don’t believe in the power of creativity, this story is just for you.

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Three Children and Their Homemade Lemonade – Success Story #008

What do you do when your parents strictly ban you from having sweet and delicious drinks? Okay, maybe most of you would say it’s not the end of the world. But imagine it’s the summertime, you are playing on the beach and really want something sparkling, sweet and refreshing to quench your thirst. Seems quite hard to resist one of those sodas, right? A few creative children – Upė (9), Vincas (8) and Vasara (5) – experienced this kind of situation last summer and needed to think of any possible alternatives.

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Big Ideas For A Better School – Success Story #009

A lot of children find it hard to fully realize themselves at school. The most common reason for this – schools can not provide enough activities to interest all children. But does it mean that such problems stop every child from creating themselves as individuals? We don’t think so. Why? Because we met Julius Pauliukevičius, whom none of these problems couldn’t stop from becoming a real change-maker.

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The Platform Which Improves Communication Between Children and Parents – Success Story #002

What could be done when adults and children can not understand each other? I bet this problem appeared at least once in everyone‘s lives so this feeling  is so familiar for most of us. Surprisingly, the solution to this problem was created not by any expert or even not by any adult… Continue reading “The Platform Which Improves Communication Between Children and Parents – Success Story #002”

A Boy and the Wind – Success Story #004

written by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute

It is said that anything is possible if you have the mindset, the will and desire to put all your efforts to achieve your goal. But what if you are 14 years old, live in Africa, want to build a windmill in the village with no running water and electricity? Even these circumstances didn‘t stop William Kamkwamba from his dream to provide his family with running water, electricity and… happiness.

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