DOIT in the Salzburg Research Update

What DOIT wants to achieve and how it works was presented in the latest edition of the newsletter of the coordinator Salzburg Research. Among other projects and events, DOIT was mentioned on one page. We are always happy when someone shares our approach! Read the newsletter (German Language).


Members of the SRFG team will present a paper at ISIRC (International Social Innovation Research Conference 2018) with the topic “Educating young social innovators from 6 to 16 in makerspace settings: Case studies of existing approaches and their implications for the European Initiative DOIT”.

When and Where?

The conference will take place from September 3rd to September 5th at the New University in Heidelberg. For more information about the conference, visit the homepage.


DOIT’s first publication is available!

DOIT was already mentioned within some of DOIT’s partners publication but the first “only DOIT” publication within a journal is available now as well: A short description of DOIT within Austria’s journal “medienimpulse“. Of course DOIT’s publication is freely available (and open licenced).

The journal’s editors feature DOIT contribution with the following words (translated by DeepL):

Garbage cans that thank you and bikes that water trees: The H2020 project DOIT aims to provide impetus for the targeted support of young creativity. Sandra Schön and Eva-Maria Hollauf report on a remarkable media-pedagogical project…

We kicked it off! – Kick-off meeting in Amsterdam (2017-10-30/31 at Waag Society)

Amsterdam, 30th and 31st of October, 13 excited partners: In the beautiful building of our partner Waag Society in the Nieuwmarkt in the center of Amsterdam, we had our first official meeting. For two days, we had time to get to know each other and talk about our aims, dreams and fears of the next 36 months. Besides the project partners, we had a very special guest on the first day: Our project officer from the European Commission joined us to give us interesting input about our deliverables and also about formal requirements. She even supervised our project game! Continue reading “We kicked it off! – Kick-off meeting in Amsterdam (2017-10-30/31 at Waag Society)”