We kicked it off! – Kick-off meeting in Amsterdam (2017-10-30/31 at Waag Society)

Amsterdam, 30th and 31st of October, 13 excited partners: In the beautiful building of our partner Waag Society in the Nieuwmarkt in the center of Amsterdam, we had our first official meeting. For two days, we had time to get to know each other and talk about our aims, dreams and fears of the next 36 months. Besides the project partners, we had a very special guest on the first day: Our project officer from the European Commission joined us to give us interesting input about our deliverables and also about formal requirements. She even supervised our project game!

Our coordinator Salzburg Research has developed a game board to visualize our project plan and theimportant milestones of the coming months, in order to playfully present and explore the process together. To go one step further, all partners need to work together. At some points, some partners have to do more than others, but eve ryone must pull together to achieve the goal.

In the two days we also collected terms that were unclear or needed a clear definition. In addition to internal communication or the requirements of the web-based collaborative DOIT platform, the goals (both short and long term) were also a topic of our kick-off. After a brainstorm-session we developed models made of different materials (cardboard, fabric..) in teams faithful to the Maker spirit.

Also many difficult topics were on the agenda: how can we facilitate cooperation with children? What do we have to pay attention to when working with children? What about data protection? Some things have to be discussed regularly and will accompany us throughout the project, but with combined efforts we can overcome every hurdle. At the end of the second day, all partners had the opportunity to ask the work package leader (every one of them is the leader of a certain part of the project) questions and express their fears. Through an open discussion many questions could be clarified and some solutions could be found, but most of the work is still ahead of us.

The personal meeting was very important for the future cooperation and looking back, we can definitely say that we have designed the kick-off in the same way that we would like to work in DOIT over the next few months: instructive, creative and innovative!

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