Become a DOIT Hero

Becoming a DOIT Hero is simple and gives you the chance to show publicly your support for the ideas behind DOIT and your engagement in initiatives that matter to you and others, promote and enhance your work, and become part of a wider network. What we’d need is:

  • some basic information about your organisation, if you represent one, and yourself;

  • your logo/photograph;

  • your website (or blog / online profile);

  • very brief description to help us understand what you do; and

  • your explanation of what heroic things you think you could do: how you think you would add value to the project or how you could support the ideas behind it. (Don’t worry, this could be as simple as promoting DOIT to your network of stakeholders! However, there might be other ways that would suit you and be of benefit to you. We have various exciting opportunities coming up offline and online that could sound like just the thing you would love to do.)

All we’d want from you is to help us spread the word about DOIT. In return, we would help you promote your work and any events and initiatives relevant to our project. Once we have approved your request, you will become an official DOIT Hero and will get access to a range of communication tools that could help you promote our project and its values. We’d also be in touch if we knew about a way you could get more involved in DOIT, now or in the upcoming months.

We will add the online form to fill in soon. Stay tuned! If you wish, you may contact us in the meantime.