DOIT at Makerdays in Salzburg: Designing worlds in 360 degrees (March 2018)

At Friday, 2018-03-03, DOIT supported the regular maker days event for kids from 8 to 12 years in Salzburg’s library (Austria). The first day stood under the motto “co-design your world”. Children draw and developed 360 degree worlds and had a look on it through their own-built cardboard VR googles.

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A Young Inventor – Success Story #013

Children’s creativity is endlessly and every child need to feel free to use their imagination – it is the main driving force to create incredible things!  One boy believes the same – Tautvydas Petruškevičius, who remembers himself as a crazy kid, who was addicted to toy building bricks and was creating constructions bigger than himself.  Later on this childish creativity led to successful solutions, which made Tautvydas to become a social innovator. So if you still don’t believe in the power of creativity, this story is just for you.

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The Power of Children’s Empathy – Success Story #006

Children’s empathy is a strong weapon against the biggest worldwide problems.  Children have this power because from a child point of view there is always a simple solution to every problem, no matter what.  But in order to solve any of this, you should do only one thing – start your actions: you can’t just sit around and hope you can finish it, you actually have to go out and do it. It could be said that this moto was leading Rachel Wheeler, 9, through her journey to improve living conditions of people in Haiti. What this little young girl have accomplished to make people‘s lives better is truly amazing.

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Going Bananas – Success Story #011

Going Bananas: the story about a young innovator and bioplastic from…banana peels?

Meet Elif Bilgin, a young student, scientist and inventor, who became a social impactor in her teens. There is no doubt that most of you are a little bit confused by this powerful definition of a young girl. The truth is that Elif became a successful scientist at the early age of 16, so let me tell you a story about how little people can make big differences.

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A changemaker, improving the way children study – Success Story #005

“Ahhh, I don’t want to go to school….” – sounds familiar, right? Most of the children are always complaining about unbearable amount of homework and how school is boring. But how many of them have ever had an idea on how to make all this better?

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