MisTEL publication available!

Already in June, our partner ZSI presented a paper on Early Entrepreneurial Education at the MisTEL conference in Spain. Now the publication is available, too!

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“The Story About Two Young Innovators” – Success Story #22

CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020–770063 Photo credits: Lukas Strazdas and Šarūnas Mickus

In most cases, childish curiosity evolves into a hobby and a direction to go. That’s why it is very important to let children express themselves in all ways possible as long as they show excitement and interest in what they do. For example, let them build new devices and invent new concepts from old toys and mechanisms, even though they are not going to be functioning. By doing these things, children improve their creativity and practical skills which could become their future hobby. And we have a great example to show everyone how true it is: two friends, Lukas and Šarūnas, have been young engineers since the age of 5. By the time they started to create incredible innovations and even built their own 3D printer when they were just 16 years old. So keep reading because it is going to be a story about two professional future-engineers.

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“The Power of Children’s Empathy” – Success Story #06

CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020–770063 Photo credits: Rachel Wheeler

Children’s empathy is a strong weapon against the biggest worldwide problems. Children have this power because from a child point of view there is always a simple solution to every problem, no matter what. But in order to solve any of this, you should do only one thing — start your actions: you can’t just sit around and hope you can finish it, you actually have to go out and do it. It could be said that this moto was leading Rachel Wheeler, 9, through her journey to improve the living conditions of people in Haiti. What this little young girl has accomplished to make people‘s lives better is truly amazing.

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Publication: German translation of “How to reach more girls in makerspaces”

We translated our poster about how to reach more girls in makerspace settings into German. It was now published in a popular German speaking Weblog of media pedagogics:

Sandra Schön, Margarethe Rosenova, Martin Ebner and Maria Grandl (2018). Mehr Mädchen in Makerspaces? – Empfehlungen aus der aktuellen Literatur. In: Praxisblog Medienpädagogik, 2018-10-16, URL: https://www.medienpaedagogik-praxis.de/2018/10/16/6368/

“A Young Eco-Warrior” – Success Story #21

“Young people need to stand up and make a difference as we are the next generation of leaders” – thinks Shalise Leesfield, an 11-year-old girl, who has already started to change the world by making a difference to the environment. Shalise has always been passionate about marine life and environment so there is no wonder why she decided to make a change immediately when she found out about the horrific impacts of fishing line on sea life. So while a lot of people were talking about how plastics and other waste are bad for the environment, Shalise understood that spreading a message is not enough to solve this problem – that’s why this girl started to make a change just by herself.

CC BY 4.0 DOIT, http://DOIT-Europe.Net, H2020–770063 Photo credits: Shalise’s Ocean Support

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